Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my Data Stored?

Your data is completely secure on AWS servers.

How secure is my Data?

HRythm follows best Data secuirty practices. Your data is both secure and encrypted.

Who can upload the content on the app?

Except for Q&A, Admin will put all the data.
Users can send their suggestions through a contribute section.

How do I upload my company data on the app?

After purchase, your organisation will receive a registered user ID and login to a secure admin panel. You can upload the data from the admin panel.

Do I need to create my own content?

The app will come prepoplulated with some basic content in Hub section. Beyond which, you wil need to add your content.

Can I get help in content creation, designing or uploading?

Yes, HRythm offers services to create customised content and also upload it. These come at a cost. For more information contact us.

Is there a trial period for the app?

Currently there is no Trial period. However, we do offer a demo version once you’ve downloaded the app to give an overview of features and UI.

How is the app billed? One time or user driven?

It’s a one time fee as per your duration. For more see Pricing calculator

Is the app customisable?

One can edit all content in the app (Hub tiles, what you store in hub, and other tabs like topspeak etc).
BUT, you can’t customise the core functionality of the app like HUB, Topspeak, polls etc..

Is there any data limit on the of media files, I can upload from the admin panel?

There is a limit of 500 MB of upload/download per organisation per month.

What is the role of the Admin?

To upload content ito hrythm thru back-end admin panel

Initial Data Uploading? Do we have to do it or someone from your side would do it?

We will train you, but you have to do it yourself.

How much time does it take from purchase to launch the app in the organisation?

Usually takes about a week

I have purchased the app. What steps do I need to take to launch the app
What is the difference between Top Speak and News?

Top speak is views and communication from top management while news can be a communication from any function department and levels.

What all can be kept in HUB?

All the critical documents with a long shelf life. HUB becomes more powerful when it is used to store the latest version of each document.

Who can post a poll?


Are there push notifications in the app?

Yes, there are push notifications.

Can I send customised notifications to selected people in an organisation?

Yes, you can do so.

Can we access content offline?

Hub content, Top Speak videos / media, News once viewed can be accessed offline.

Can it be accessed by External people?

No. It is for your organisation and employee engagement.

Some content will be relevant for external people.. How can it be leveraged for this use?

We recommnend, that Information relevant for external people SHOULD go to the website.
Any supporting information that an employee can use to sell that service or support a customer, that category of information can be stored in HRythm.

Is what is uploaded visible to all?

Yes, currently it is so.

How different is it from Website and blog?

It is dynamic, it has notification (push rather than pull), it is available offline,

We are a small company small team and all are located in same office how will it benefit us?

Hrythm will benefit you by forcing everyone to collect and store perspective communication at one place. This is what will ultimatley improve the employee agility and thereby make them more productive and happy.

Information overload.. If people post too many complaints, questions, concerns, etc?

It is nice to have traffic on the app… if it gets quiet then people would hesitate to post on the app.

People don’t have time to respond… How can we ensure that people respond?

You can plan your notification smartly (say evening, or weekends)..

What is the ideal company size?

100 people

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